testing, testing… (and a thank you)


♥♥ You guys! ♥♥

I couldn’t be more amazed/shocked/blown away by the response to my call for recipe testers. It was more popular than I ever could have anticipated (like, waaaaay more popular)… and the enthusiasm from all of you congratulating me on my first book and wanting to lend a hand is truly a gift. Thank you.

But, I also have to apologize because there is just no way a mere mortal like myself can respond personally to such a large amount of emails. I wish I could, I really do. However, at this point all chosen testers have already been contacted and I’m informing everyone else through this scanty blog post. :(

I read through each and every response, though… and I honestly considered every single one of you. You guys are pretty darn witty, talented and very very kind! I am extremely lucky to be in the company of such great people! Deciding who to choose was so tough, and after much consideration I chose the folks who I thought would suit this project best. I ended up with an amazingly well rounded group, from professionals in the kitchen to people who have never even picked up a chef’s knife–and I am thrilled!

Thank you, everyone. Sincerely. I can’t wait to share more details about my book in the very near future. Until then…. hugs!

And yes, I’m adorning this post with wildflowers. That’s just how I’m feeling today: flowery.

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