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Hey friends! I wanted to pop in and share with you all a magnificent find that I think you all should know about. Tiny Treats, a new ebook by the two amazing ladies, Lisa Pitman, a dear friend of mine who some of you may know as Vegan Culinary Crusade, and Nicole Axworthy, the genius behind  A Dash of Compassion, is not to be missed by anyone who enjoys incredibly delicious desserts.

When I first saw the ebook, my mouth literally dropped open: the recipes are fantastic, healthy, creative, and they are beautifully represented by stunning photographs that correspond with each recipe. What more could you ask for?

from Tiny Treats– Photography and styling by Nicole Axworthy, Marika Collins and Lisa Pitman

From Lisa’s site on the book (note the cute hearts used as bullet points–swoon):

♥ 25 dessert recipes using simple, whole foods
♥ Recipes free of wheat, refined flours, refined sugars, soy, eggs and dairy
♥ A fantastic array of cookies, bars and cakes, plus staples recipes for nut milk, raw chocolate and date paste.
♥ Simple instructions – no fancy kitchen equipment required–just a blender or food processor
♥ Helpful tips and techniques to help you master creating amazing results every time
♥ Large, full-colour photos of every recipe

And, they also are donating a third of the proceeds from the ebook to Elephant Nature Park, so you’d be helping out the lovely ellies too!

Run on over to get your copy here, and enjoy a beautiful ebook, fill your belly with healthy fantastic treats and fill your heart with the personal satisfaction of helping the amazing Asian elephants.


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6 Responses to Tiny Treats ebook

  1. Mands says:

    Gosh this book looks gorgeous!

  2. Mélanie Gagnon says:

    It says the recipes are wheat free, but do you know if they are also gluten free?

    • allyson says:

      Hi Mélanie.

      Yes! There are 4 recipes that contain oats, so if you don’t have an oat intolerance (which most gf folks do not), then just use gf oats–otherwise, they are all 100% gluten-free.

  3. Thanks for sharing about this ebook.. I love that it is wheat and dairy free. Perfect for what I need.

  4. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the love, Allyson! We are happy you are enjoying the ebook.

    Looking forward to meeting you someday, too! :)

    • allyson says:

      Very much looking forward to meeting you, Nicole! And you are very welcome–it’s an incredible collection of recipes. :)