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Black Walnut Apricot Cookies (Raw)

Black Walnut Apricot Cookies (Raw)

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Pecan Sandiedoodles

This cookie is a fun combination of two of my faves: Snickerdoodles and Pecan Sandies.  And, there are some more spices laced in to make them super festive.  These are so simple to prepare, and take almost no time to bake and cool.  They would be a perfect addition to any holiday cookie line-up.  DoubleContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Almond Butter Sandwich Cookies

Lately I have been loving me some almonds…and these cookies are a great way to get a good fix of almonds  AND overdose on sugar.  They are crunchy cookies with a filling that is eerily similar to a store bought peanut butter sandwich cookie’s filling- especially the generic kind.  And that just makes my day.Continue ReadingContinue Reading