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Appalachian Pierogi

This is more of a how-to, rather than a recipe.  But I would like to share my basic process of creating a dish that has served my family happily for many years.  There are so many variations on pierogi… but I find this version to be pretty fool-proof.  And, it’s really the only kind IContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Veggie Mash-Up Casserole with Daiya

Yay! I got some Daiya.  I’ve topped pizza, grilled “cheese” sandwiches, eaten it straight from the bag, and each time I have been thoroughly satisfied.  But, I wanted to test out its ‘casserole’ abilities -to see if the “cheese” could be crispy and melty at the same time.  It has been quite a while sinceContinue ReadingContinue Reading