Chocolate Brownie Cake


I’m excited to announce that my new book “Naturally Lean” is now available in bookstores!

From the publisher:

When you’re hungry for a filling meal, it’s easy to go for the unhealthy stuff. Many times, even gluten-free and vegan cuisines can be loaded with sneaky fillers and not-so-good-for-you ingredients. Allyson Kramer proves that low-cal doesn’t have to mean low-satisfaction; these gluten-free, plant-based recipes are high in nutrients, under 300 calories per serving–and taste amazing.
Dig into Cheesy BBQ Kale Chips, Cinnamon Plum Streusel, Avocado Chick ‘n’ Salad, and so much more. There are no fillers, no refined sugars–no processed ingredients you can’t pronounce. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, snacks, small plates, entrees, or beverages, you’ll find a hearty, healthy recipe for every craving.

I had such fun working on this book, both creating the recipes and shooting the photos, and I do hope that you check it out. It’s full of whole-foods based recipes that I find myself making and enjoying again and again. Amazon has a handy “look inside” feature available, and my publisher Da Capo Lifelong Books has generously shared a recipe for this delicious Chocolate Brownie Cake to give you a taste of what’s inside. Follow this link for the recipe, or simply click on the photo above. :)

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