Apple Nachos!

I have no clue where I originally saw this idea years ago–but in today’s blogging world, apple nachos have become just about as ubiquitous as raw ballz…

But, there may still be a few folks remaining who aren’t tuned into all the apple nacho hoopla.

If you’ve never tried them, give ‘em a whirl! They are ridiculously easy and taste much more awesome than they sound. Plus, my kids LOVE them as a midday snack. And did I mention how silly easy these are to toss together? Almost as easy as raw ballz. ;)

Obviously this isn’t a recipe–use your imagination and your fave toppings to make THE perfect apple nachos!

I used (to feed 1 1/2 kids and 2 adults):

  • 3 crispy and slightly tart apples (we ♥ honeycrisp! yum…)
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp creamy natural peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup sliced almonds
  • 1/4 cup pecans
  • 1/4 cup flaked unsweetened coconut
  • 1/4 cup vegan chocolate chips

For these, I sliced up some apples thin enough so it would be easy to eat the slice in one or two bites. I also lightly spritzed the apples with lemon juice to keep them from browning too fast.

Then I melted some peanut butter–until it was super runny–and drizzled it all over the apples. Next, I topped the apples and peanut butter with unsweetened flaked coconut, sliced almonds, a few pecans and, of course, chocolate chips. And finally, I drizzled a little more peanut butter onto the plate. Ya know, for good measure.

Couldn’t get much easier! Be sure to eat these with your hands, just like real nachos. :)

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143 Responses to Apple Nachos!

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  2. Kimyada says:

    These look so delicious! I can’t wait to make them.

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  4. theresa ruiter says:

    I made these and they were delicious. I took reduced fat peanut butter and place in a bowl. I added Log Cabin sugar-free maple syrup to make the peanut butter to the desired consistancy. It dribbled perfectly over the apples and the butter-maple flavor of the syrup only inhanced the peanutbutter (and I used the crunchy type) Finish with the toppings you like..You can even sub carob for the choc chips and make it even more healthy with no change in taste. Or use the little mini cho chips. Wonderful for kids and adults.

  5. Elaine says:

    WOW! Delish- happen to have all ingredients on hand and my husband and 14 yr old daughter loved them! I only buy natural pb and it doesn’t melt so well, but I kinda plopped it on in little spoonfuls all over-still great!!!! Mini morsels definitely do better! Thanks for a GREAT and pretty healthy dessert and snack!

  6. I am so excited to try these! I truly appreciate innovative recipes which enable me to enjoy a healthy dessert while still being able to keep on track with my health and fitness regime! One of the biggest pitfalls that people face when trying to lose weight and get in shape is that they try to become rigid in their expectations and diet, options such as this enable people to eat healthy and enjoy delicious options! Thank you!

  7. michele says:

    Looks great. Although almond butter makes a much healther choice over peanut butter.

  8. Amanda says:

    Oh wow! These look fantastic! I can’t believe someone left that diabetes comment…I guess there’s always going to ne a downer in the group. I think I’ll do these for an upcoming baby shower :)

  9. Mandy says:

    Just made these tonight for dessert (thanks, pinterest!) and four very happy teenage girls devoured us… it’s like it doesn’t even occur to them that it’s almost pure fruit and nuts. :) “You want to make us fat!” one of them complained as she reached for yet another… They look GORGEOUS arranged in a circular pattern on a serving platter. A perfect party or potluck option I’m going to tuck away to use later. I was very generous with the peanut butter (used more like 1/2 cup than 3 tbsp for 3 whole honeycrisps!) and used plenty of nuts as well…chopped the pecans to make it easier to eat them. Also used mini chocolate chips for the same reason. Perfect! Thanks for this great idea, I’ll be using it again and again!

  10. cindy says:

    Just made these after viewing on pinterest……very good:)
    I will make these again….next time – will add some powdered sugar to peanut butter for a little sweetness.

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  12. This is a nice idea. One of my favorite snack is an apple cut into wedges with 1 tabs of peanut butter or almond butter. But your presentation looks amazing and fun to eat. Love it

  13. Connie says:

    I love seeing an over-the-top dessert that’s not full of artificial colors and flavors. Thanks for helping people see that fun food can be nutritious as well!

  14. becky irvin says:

    looks amazing, but instead of lemon juice to keep apples from browning use any diet clear soda, just pour over the apples till the fizz stops, apples stat great for two days

  15. Olivia says:

    IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Carla says:

    Wow, I saw this on Pinterest. I can’t wait to make it and definitely looking forward to vegan gluten free cookbook.l

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  18. nix says:

    add homemade caramel sauce (easy nondairy recipes abound – mostly just margarine & brown sugar) or Biscoff spread! it’s the consistency of pb or nutella, but made from toasty, brown-sugary, slightly-spicy cookies. “VEGAN” right there on the jar in jubilant red letters.

  19. Kimaya says:

    First time on this site and I saw these. I made them into my dessert after dinner by using just the apples, a little extra pb, and chocolate chips.

    Also, granny smith apples provide a bit more of a tart to go with the sweet of the pb. Just another variation!

  20. Simone Woods says:

    Mmm, not seen these before. Have to try it – I agree, I think my kids will love it and I can feel good that they are being mostly healthy!

  21. Cristy McMillan says:

    Served these to my kids today for an afternoon snack. I bough HUGE Honeycrisp apples and one apple was enough to serve 4 small kids and myself. We omitted the coconut (don’t like it) and used almonds vs the pecans (allergic). This was fabulous and the kids LOVED it! I love new twists on healthy snacks. Thanks Pinterest.

  22. michelle says:

    Instead of lemon juice try diet or regular sprite. Sprite works the same way as lemon juice w/out the extra tart.

  23. lilistarr says:

    this looks so easy and yummy can’t wait to try it

  24. nancy says:

    wow! these look fantastic! I’ve never heard of apple nachos before today (so thank you to pinterest!)
    Here’s an idea for the apple-browning issue: toss the apple slices with cinnamon. (though I wonder if it will affect how well the peanut butter sticks). It will add a great flavor, cinnamon is really good for you, and it masks the browning. Just a thought!
    I toss apple slices with cinnamon to put in my kids’ lunches – they won’t eat them if they are brown, so the cinnamon helps.

  25. Meat eater says:

    Real nachos are still way better. Or a nice food wrap with various goodies in it.

  26. Lisa Bunn says:

    I have diabetese and this is all ok! Just remember moderation. Looks really yummy.

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  28. Debbie says:

    It’s never accured to me before to make fruit nachos before, but I have now thanks to you! They were yummy! I used almond butter instead of peanut butter. The almond butter didn’t get thin and runny so I just spread it on the apples. It was still declicious and I’ll definitely make them again. My granddaughter will love them!

  29. Tracy says:

    I’m trying these tomorrow. It looks wonderful! Can’t wait! I’ll come back and update on what my family thinks!

  30. Brian says:

    I saw this on pinterest, so I’m trying it out tonight with my girlfriend, Thanks for the recipe!

  31. Anon says:

    Hellllooooo diabetes…

    • allyson says:

      Hi “Anonymous”,
      I’m not sure how apples and peanut butter (we use the kind with just ground up peanuts), nuts, some dried coconut and a few chocolate chips would equal diabetes… but I appreciate you taking the time to add your input. :)

      • Bev Greenfield says:

        Great idea! Perhaps ANON’s 2012/01/17 @ 12.23 am comment “Hellllooooo diabetes…” reflected a concern about the sugar that might be added when substituting or mixing the peanut butter with caramel sauce.
        Another substitute for the peanut butter might be sesame butter, aka Tahini sauce. It retains the nutty flavor but lacks the peanut allergy problem or sugar load issue for diabetics. The Joyva Brand tends to be runny enough to drizzle easily.

    • Karen says:

      Actually, I think this looks like a very healthy snack. If you look at the portions, 3 Tbsp peanut butter and 1/4 c. chocolate chips divided among 3 people does not equal diabetes. It just “looks” decadent, which is what makes me want to serve it!

  32. april says:

    i bet caramel would be nice added on or in place of pbutter:)

  33. Kim says:

    OMG those look just wonderful. Beautiful shot as usual but I’m drooling over my keyboard too. Yum

  34. glenda oliver says:

    looks great we love apples and peanutbutter i bet some hoop cheese would be good on it also

  35. Susan says:

    You could also use caramel dip in a squeeze bottle instead of or in addition to the peanut butter. Just an idea. Looks yummy. Can’t wait to try this one out for ladies Bible study! :)

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  37. Anna B says:

    Why am I so dumb that I cannot do the peanut butter? nasty mess both times. used honey instead, which meant forks….

    • allyson says:

      have you tried using a squeeze bottle? like a recycled mustard container… that makes it a bit easier. :) also, make sure it’s completely liquidy… then chill briefly before serving to get it to firm up. if you are using peanut butter that is fairly dry, it also could be a problem… easily spreadable pb is best to use.
      good to hear you had enough steam left after the first try to do so again!

    • Alyssa says:

      If you are using ORGANIC peanut butter like I am, that’s probably why…. mine didn’t melt right either.

      • allyson says:

        thanks for the input! had no idea about organic pb versus other kinds. i almost always grind my own which is ends up pretty runny to start with and use that when my kids ask for these. is there a specific brand of organic that’s extra dry? love to add a note to this recipe… :)

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  39. Ruthi Penuel says:

    Never heard of such, but sounds interesting … will have to try. Thank you for sharing!

  40. Jeaniejr says:

    Made these for a potluck. Put out a big platter of apple slices along with bowls of toasted coconut, toasted pecan pieces, creamy peanut butter, and squeeze bottles of caramel and chocolate ice cream topping. People made their own nachos with whatever they liked. Everyone loved them.! Used Honey Crisp apples. Will definitely do again and again.

  41. Lily says:

    Really cute idea! Somehow I have missed all of the apple nacho hoopla :/

  42. Bibi says:

    That is so cool and inventive. I found your post on Stumble and I love it… kids would go crazy over this.

  43. Wow great idea; and apples are certainly healthier than tortilla chips!

  44. Food Lover says:

    mmmm yummy healthy snack :)

  45. Amber | B&B says:

    Holy dessert nachos, batman! I’d take those over deep fried cinnamon sugar tortilla chips any day. They look fantastic.

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